Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Moving home

By Frieda Lühl

As many of you know but some don't I had some big changes in the last eight month. I moved back to my home country Namibia after spending nine amazing years in CT. 
Back in Windhoek I was lucky to find a beautiful old house, like a Farmhouse, in the middle of town.  It had a big but still bare garden which finally allowed me to get a little friend. My little Idefix grew big in no time and my garden efforts are often literally undermined. 

Two month later I got even luckier when the flat next  to me opened which I could then use as a spacious workshop. My new workshop was renovated from the inside but the outside needed some serious work.

Another two month later I finally had my studio opening on a warm Namibian winters day. 

My new studio is, as mentioned, quite spacious and allows me to teach evening classes(as I did together with the Firepetals in Cape Town) as well as other workshops. 

In May we had our first Print-Play-Weekend which will soon be followed by a follow up weekend. It was a weekend with good food, lots of drawing, even more experimenting, enthusiasm and fun. 

At the moment I'm working long hours on my third solo exhibition 'Riveting' .  This technique caught my attention during my six week residency in Liverpool in 2011. Here many goldsmiths working from home are not able to have gas in their homes and have to look for other solutions to join metals than soldering. So for the last few months I tried out many different varieties of riveting and have saved a lot of gas in the mean time. 

The exhibition will show for two weeks in Windhoek and afterwards for a few days in Santa Fe in December. After that I guess I will have some well deserved holidays with my family in Mexico. 

Planed for next year July is our first Fine Ounce exhibition outside South Africa at the Omba Gallery in Windhoek , Namibia. I'm looking forward to have some Fine Ounce members around and show them my new(old) Home. 

Also planned for next year is the opening of the Gallery 'The Project Room' which will kick of with an exhibition of lights from recycled materials by Stefan Eins in February 2014. 

So this is it in a nut shell. If you happen to be in Namibia let me know I would be looking forward to show you some amazing Windhoek things.


  1. That's a cute dog right there, by the way. Anyway, it's good you have decided to move to your home country. Those pieces of art are really stunning. We would hope to see more of those in your next post. Please keep us posted. Thank you so much. May you have a wonderful and art-filled journey in Namibia.

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