Thursday, 15 November 2012

Hidden Details

by Frieda Lühl
A few weeks back I stumbled across this exhibition on the internet 'Behind the Brooch' curated by Lorena Angulo. It shows a collection of brooches from all over the world where the backside is as interesting as the front. Have a look at the post I put on my page.
I thought it a brilliant concept and became more aware of how the pieces we make and see look from its more hidden sides. Details only the wearer of a piece will know.
I personally love it when someone picks up my pieces and experiences a moment of surprise or joy by discovering something unexpected, a hidden little detail, a beautiful backside of a piece of jewellery.
Here are a few pieces of our Fine Ounce Goldsmiths that bear these hidden little secrets.

'rutilared quartz & silver leaf neckpiece' - Adi Cloete

'volcano neckpiece' - Adeline Joubert

'underneath lurks quirkiness' - Gela Tölken

'night of the silver bird and red flowers' - Adi Cloete

'coral tree and druses' - Frieda Lühl

'omba and rusted stones' - Frieda Lühl

'night flower' - Adi Cloete

'scuba 1' - Adeline Joubert 

'jade and spears' - Frieda Lühl

'mount everest rock pendant' - Adi Cloete

'desert rocks and leaves' - Frieda Lühl

'silver print and garnets' - Frieda Lühl

'dragons live forever' - Gela Tölken

'tourmaline slice pendant' - Adi Cloete 

'misty morning' - Adeline Joubert 

'copper and diamonds' - Frieda Lühl

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Fine Ounce Exhibition Opening

30 Roodebloem Road was a’ hustle and a’ bustle with activity on Wednesday with the opening of the Fine Ounce Exhibition. Many guests came rolling and tumbling, blown in by the Cape Town South Easter, grateful for some shelter and revived by a glass of Jane and Jubi's elixir, a sensational punch (a jug of ‘virgin’ for the upright and a more intoxicating version for those of less than moral standing).

Equally sensational was the treasure chest of jewellery on display. As a fairly recent addition to Fine Ounce and not too familiar with the work of these gifted girrrrls, I was transported to a place of great Beauty surrounded by such exquisitely crafted adornments, each subtly reflecting the person who made it.
A treasure chest.....

Multi-dimensional in their abilities, from setting up display tables, lighting and all that practical sort of stuff, to fine tuned organizing and marketing without even a bead of perspiration forming with the effort- not just the jewellery made of metal here! As a more one or two-dimensional person myself challenged by the world of marketing and technology I can only feel gratitude for some who can fill in the gaps. Retaining creative integrity in an environment of mass manufacture and marketing madness is a tightrope walk to all sensitive of beauty and craftsmanship. Some achieve this balancing act with a certain amount of  grace and others, well... it's highwire or haywire.

By Meagan Meredith

Maike- wiring up
Frieda up high

Jane and 'los lappies'

Firepetals- 'birds of a feather'

Girl@WORK/ Giselle