Tuesday, 28 February 2012

FINE OUNCE at Design Indaba

My 'Cry Me a River Ring' - Sterling Silver, 22 ct Gold and drop-shaped Rainbow Moonstone and it's friends can be viewed along with the inspired craftmanship of my fellow members of Fine Ounce at Design Indaba 1-4th February, looking forward to seeing you there..............


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Finding PETALS

Flicking through Adi’s portfolio/
finding PETALS

Nature is another element I feel worth mentioning as an important inspiration seen in my portfolio. 

floral work constructed in wax
Work done for a Veronica Anderson collection : "Urban Forest"
flower rings
engraved detail of petals & leaves

Monday, 13 February 2012

COLLAGE - a Design Indaba preview

I’m very happy to present to you a small preview of what I’m going to show at Design Indaba beginning of March. On the weekend I also managed to stitch together these little photo booklets showing my new collage work.

COLLAGE is all about layering. I merge older and recent work, reuse decorative pieces I did long time ago, use scrap material and combine all this with exiting new materials and techniques.

Main techniques in combing the different layers is riveting. Apart from keeping all pieces together these rivets also function as settings for tiny stones& pearls or are used as a link  to connect a necklace.

Another technique revisited is the use of thread on silver. In some of the new necklaces the Sisal band functioning as necklace is stitched onto the pendant.

Hope to see you there, Frieda

Design Indaba 2-4 March, 10am-8pm