Monday, 26 September 2011

Tool time

As a goldsmith one has a decent amount of tools and is constantly working with ones hands. However, the prospect of a shopping spree at a well known local hardware shop followed by a day spend in the company of our beloved power tools, got us very excited!
Sporting protective goggles and getting saw-dust in our hair was the order of the day and the results were beautiful displays for our '56 rings'.
So don't miss our show on Wednesday 28th of September, at the Gold of Africa Barbier-Mueller Museum, 96 Strand street, from 6pm. Handmade & unique from start to finish.

Monday, 19 September 2011

9 days and counting ....

Don't miss our show on Wednesday, the 28th of September at the Gold of Africa Barbier-Mueller Museum in Cape Town. One night only!
Should your dance-card already be full for that evening, please note that the rings will move to our studio @ 30 Roodebloem Rd, Woodstock from the 30th of September until the 16th of October; Mon-Fri 9.00-16.00, Sat-Sun 10.00-14.00 or call for an appointment +27 (0) 84 877 4414

Monday, 12 September 2011

Adeline. Jewellery - Literally

Growing up as a curly red-head is a challenge for starters. My personal defense system was humor, which grew into a passion for puns and love for laughter. At the tender age of ten I announced my career choice after watching a TV-program on goldsmithing. My parents however, did not take me seriously and so my journey began years later as a first year in Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria.

I realized that I was missing something fundamental in my second year, and I don't mean the lecturer that the university failed to install. Doing my major in sculpture confirmed to me that I really wanted to do small-scale-sculptures in metal - aka jewellery. But first I obtained my degree in Archaeology. My pondering was put on hold by an opportunity to go to Germany as an au-pair. Add Bier & Lederhosen, a good measure of travel and there you have it: an awesome time! Based on this great experience, my wanderings were continued and I went to work in London for a year.

At a moment of clarity (& Chianti) in Italy, I made the decision to move to Cape Town and enroll at CPUT. One phone call to my dad and by the time I arrived in Cape Town, in my trusted white Toyota, he had organized everything - thanks dad! When I met Adeleen Cloete, a red-headed goldsmith herself, I knew immediately that we shared much more than just a first name. Since that day Adi and I (Jubi, as I am known by my friends) have been sharing several workshops and in 2005 went big and opened Firepetals-creative jewellery together.

Practicality is one of the major objectives for my jewellery. I believe that everyday jewellery should be easy to wear to the point of never wanting to take it off - it should become part of the wearer's personality. I choose to give my designs a narrative and often find that they become conversation starters. These miniature sculptures are like "take-away-art" and through these I attempt to push the boundaries of jewellery as far as I possibly can. The births of my two children have inspired a jewellery range I call the "Liefie" range (meaning beloved or sweetheart). It consists of baby clothes on a washing line, worn as a necklace. The latest range, soon to be revealed is 'Cake-Town' and you might just want some whipped cream with that ... Visit me in our workshop/showroom in Roodebloem Rd (please call for an appointment) 021 447 2025 or go to our website

Monday, 5 September 2011

Maike's great migration

I must have been a bird in a former life, because I love to fly. And I don't mean the kind that earns you air miles, but anything that requires as little gear as possible. I picture myself as an eagle soaring across Africa.
Even before I ever set foot on the African continent I knew that this is where my imaginary wings would eventually take me. While my parents tried to install in me a love for all-things-Hellenic, my heart belonged to Africa. The first taste of this beautiful continent was a family holiday in Morocco. A long drive from our hometown in Germany

There was an abundance of artistic material available in our house and the creation of beautiful or useful things was considered as important as food and drink. It was easy for me to develop my own creative aspirations with the support and advice of my parents, both teachers of fine art.
They were also very good at letting go, which they did when I decided to spend a gap year in Lagos/Nigeria. Lagos confirmed for me that I belonged in Africa. On return to Germany I completed a three and a half year apprenticeship in the goldsmith trade and was finally about to follow my heart and move to Africa for good.

First stop Johannesburg. Living and working in this vibrant city inspired me from the start. After a few years of working for a jewellery manufacturer, followed by the arrival of my three children, I felt it was time to start working on my own. I was extremely motivated by winning the AngloGold, Riches of Africa Jewellery Design Competition (now AuDITIONS) in 2001 which really opened doors for my solo career.
Add a Trans-African-Trip from the Cape to my hometown in Germany and the relocation to Cape Town and this is where you will find me until the African-travel-bug bites again.

Well, I guess you know by now where I draw my inspiration from, but not all of it is African. I like to experiment with textures and materials and I have a passion for interesting and little-known techniques like the ancient Korean keum-boo-technique that I use in a slightly modified way in order to fuse patterns in pure gold onto silver. This allows me to combine a multitude of colours and textures in my designs.
I invite you to visit me in my workshop/showroom in Roodebloem Rd, Woodstock by appointment. Phone +27 82 757 8040.